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Date: November 14, 2016

Episode Description for “From Stress to Stillness”

Most people don’t always realize that their internal dialogue is contributing not only to their daily stress, but also how they react to it.  Gina Lake’s book “From Stress to Stillness” takes us on an aided journey to find that inner peace we are all looking for.  With helpful tips, and easy to understand explanations, we learn to understand our own internal thoughts, and how we can slowly turn the channel to a less stressful life.


Dr. Risk’s Thoughts

Our society is made to make us stressed.  We are always on the go and busy.  One of the most common complaints I hear is that people don’t have enough time for what they want to do.  I love that Gina Lake has laid out how this can affect us in easy terms for people to follow.  By embracing awareness, we can slowly start to realize how stress is affecting us and work on our own reactions.  There is such an amazing outcome when we take just a few minutes for ourselves.

Guest Information

Gina Lake

Gina Lake is the author of fourteen books about awakening to one’s true nature, including From Stress to Stillness, Embracing the Now, Radical Happiness, Choosing Love, Ten Teachings for One World, Trusting Life, In the World but Not of It, A Heroic Life, and The Jesus Trilogy. She is also a gifted intuitive with a master’s degree in counseling psychology and over twenty-five years’ experience supporting people in their spiritual growth. The focus of Gina’s writing and teaching is on helping people be in the present moment and live the happy and fulfilled life that is possible and on shedding light on the ego and other programming that interferes with that. Gina’s teachings are most similar to Eckhart Tolle’s, Byron Katie’s, Adyashanti’s, and A Course in Miracles. Gina’s website offers information about her books, online courses, and spiritual mentoring as well as free ebooks, book excerpts, a monthly newsletter, a blog, and audio and video recordings:

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