Dr. Rebecca Risk & Oliver, the co-host. 

Each of my radio shows is recorded in my dining room. My guests and I connect to the studioDRR_OLI via skype or phone.  My dog Oliver insists on sitting on my lap during each show.  Once I sit in the chair with headphones on, he will actually jump and whine until I let him on my lap.  He is a “kijiji rescue”.  The last owner said he was two years old, but after a visit to the vet, it is now believed he is about eight.  Oliver had 23 teeth removed right away due to a serious infection and since then he has grown more hair (seriously, it’s more than two inches long!) and his heart murmur has disappeared.  He gained 1 ½ lbs, making him now a full 7lbs!  We believe he is a Chihuahua Papillion cross.  His hobbies include long walks, playing ball, running around like a crazy dog, chasing the cat and hanging out with his family. 

Beyond Soap with Dr. Sandy Skotnicki

Beyond Soap with Dr. Sandy Skotnicki » Listen Date: December 3, 2018 Episode Description Everyone has a skin care regime, using products we think are safe.  Dr. Sandy Skotnicki is explaining why our regimes may not be what they think they are.  Discussing her book “Beyond soap,” she discusses dangerous chemicals, and our own natural microbes […]

Toxic with Neil Nathan

Toxic with Neil Nathan » Listen Date: November 5, 2018 Episode Description Millions of people have sought medical care, and found that they have hit a wall with their doctor even though they feel very sick.  There is an epidemic of tick born illnesses (Lyme Disease), mold exposure, chemicals and other toxins that are causing illness.  […]

History of the Heart with Sandeep Jauhar

History of the Heart with Sandeep Jauhar » Listen Date: October 29, 2018 Episode Description In his book “Heart: A History,” Dr. Sandeep Jauhar has brought the physicist’s eye to the cause and effect on human health and emotional wellness. Using his own with his own personal and professional experiences he combines history, biography, science, medicine, […]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Seth Gillihan

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Seth Gillihan » Listen Date: October 22, 2018 Episode Description Depression and anxiety are on the rise, and most people are looking for solutions to deal with emotions that are overwhelming their lives. In Seth Gillihan’s new book Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple, he lays out a simple plan using Cognitive Behavioral […]

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