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Heavy metal toxicity come with a variety of symptoms, can mimic multiple illnesses, and can remain an unknown culprit.  Bringing this information to light, Dr. Emil Haldey is sharing his personal story with metal toxicity.  Learning that we can be affected in our every day, in the food we eat and the air we breath, can help anyone suffering from heavy metal toxicity seek help. 

Guest Information

After experiencing a Minnesota winter for the first time, Amber Leong realized that the long nights were affecting her.  Trying to find a solution for the missing sunlight, she created a sunlamp that was more user friendly, and fit better into her lifestyle than the existing ones.  Tune in to learn how you can feel happier, more energized and sleep better over the winter.

Dr. Emil Haldey is the Compounding Pharmacist and President of HALDEY Pharmaceutical Compounding located in New York City. Dr. Haldey’s career covers a diverse spectrum of fields in the pharmacy profession. From various leadership positions for pharmaceutical companies to becoming the president of his own compounding pharmacy, Dr. Haldey learned early on that his passion and professional fulfilment are derived from helping patients with unique medication needs. He quickly grew to become a highly regarded expert in the field of compounding pharmacy.

As fulfilment in life comes from the fusion of personal and professional aspects, Dr. Haldey discovered that a serious personal health issue – mercury toxicity – could impact or impede his professional advancement. Using his scientific and educational background, Dr. Haldey not only found the ways to battle this successfully but came out an expert willing to share with others the lessons he learned on his healing journey.

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