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Episode Description

“But I don’t believe that life is supposed to make you feel good, or to make you feel miserable either.  Life is just supposed to make you feel.” –Gloria Naylor.

“When the brain is anxious it will see things in incorrect ways.”  Amy Bloch learned to listen to heart when faced with the diagnosis of a congenital brain condition her newborn daughter was suffering from.  After 23 years as a psychiatrist, she has stopped listening to the “whatifs” and “shoulds” that the brain is creating, and listen more to what the heart wants, and trusting the process.  She is discussing her book “The Power of Heart” in this interview, to help others find the power of their hearts.

Guest Information

AMY BLOCH, M.D., has been practicing child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry for 23 years. She received her pre-Emily education from Dartmouth, Yale University School of Medicine, and The Payne Whitney Clinic, New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. The mother of four children, Amy lives in suburban New York, where she spends her free time with her family, and her dog, but finds time to blog at her newly launched website.

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