I’ve treated various conditions using natural medicine.  I also offer treatment for Lyme, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other chronic conditions.:

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I have been seeing Dr. Risk for almost 4 years.  She is a caring, knowledgeable and intuitive Dr.. The key is to communicate clearly and honestly what your issues are. She can then determine the right path for the patient. The second part to that is following the treatments she recommends. Ultimately she will do everything in her power to help find what you need for optimal health. She’s a great Dr. and a great person.  – November 23 2015

It is your right to have this opinion but please do not speak for my husband because we have nothing but thanks to give Dr. Risk. It is very saddening to hear that this individual who did not even give the treatment more than 6 weeks, is so quick to jump to the conclusion that the treatment did not work. My understanding is that your daughter continues to suffer (post gall bladder removal) and the doctors continue to give little to no answers. After years of seeking medical advice for a chronic medical condition that worsened to the point of being bed-ridden, my husband was forced to look at alternative medicine options. We gave our medical system more than a fair shot with MRI’s, lumbar punctures, extensive blood work and visits to 2 Internists, a Neurologist and 3 different GP’s of which could give no answers to this “mysterious illness”. Last Christmas my husband was told by an Internist that he was dying of either “Mad Cow disease” or Degenerative Dementia, both of which were more likely than Lyme disease in Alberta!!??? Wow!! We have scientific evidence from lab tests that it is in fact chronic Lyme disease and I am saddened to hear that people can be so short-sighted to pass judgement on my husband when they haven’t experienced the journey we’ve been on! Unfortunately, many people are so sucked into our medical system that they believe if we just keep knocking at the same door, doctors will find yet another band aid (ie: Steroids, Statins) rather than working together to blend nutrition, natural and traditional medicine to bring about optimal health! I am happy to say that after 2 years of incredible pain and suffering, my husband is working again and able to resume normal, daily activities! His energy is back, chronic issues that had plagued him for years are gone! Yes we have spent thousands of dollars (no thanks to Alberta Health Care) but my husband is alive and living a life much richer because of Dr. Risk. I hope that the chronic illnesses that plague your daughter clear up and that the “REAL” doctor’s are able to find out the “real” reason for her symptoms! – November 19 2015

Best doctor to help deal with Lyme and co-infections! Very helpful and knowledgeable. She gave results that I didn’t think were possible. Thanks so much! – September 23 2014

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Excellent Care!

Dr. Risk’s treatment is the best I have received in a long time. I traditonally receive Western treatment, however, with my ailment traditional Western Doctors did not give me the care needed. Western doctors were more about ‘masking the issue’ instead of finding the root of the issues and a solution that would resolve what was really going on. Ultamately, addressing the issue. Dr. RIsk did that and more. Issues that were contibuting to the ailment were resolved and I haven’t been more heathy. A real, down to earth and matter of fact practitioner that listens and addresses. Thank you!! It would do some of these western Dr.’s some good to take a page from her book or at the least use this type of treatment in conjunction with their treatment.  Source: Yellow Pages – Anonymous

Life Changing experience

My life was turning for the worst, could not get up for work, family life was terrible, I had enough energy to survive and that was about it. After my first visit with Dr. Risk, I had hope. She knows how to listen and she doesn’t give you that weird look some doctors give you when you talk about how you feel, yes you know the look…. She listens and you can almost hear her think and trying to connect the dots. I began treatment, that was very hard at first but after few days I started to see light at the end of the tunnel. I slowly began to have more energy and be myself again. Works is going great and I have a family life again. She changed my life!  Source: Yellow Pages – jchenier

She gets to the root of things your MD can’t

After my daughter was born, I was suffering constant fatigue; repeated colds, flus, and bouts of mastitis; and a general sense of unwellness – all of which was very uncharacteristic for me. I am normally a healthy, active, and happy person. My doctor wasn’t very interested in my symptoms and didn’t take their affect on my life very seriously. After about 8 months I found Dr. Rebecca – she’s amazing. She was able to get to the bottom of what felt like a very nebulous condition in a single visit, and within a few weeks I was feeling like my old self again. Her techniques and treatments are extremely focused and effective, and she is extremely knowledgeable. I recommend her services often and without hesitation. She really is amazing!  Source: Yellow Pages – ljensen

Lyme Disease treatment in Calgary

I was delighted and hopeful to recently have found Dr. Risk, a health professional who not onlt successsfully beat Lyme Disease but who now treats this devastating disease with success. For those of us with Lyme, the battle for effective treatment in Alberta is a huge and frustrating experience. Yet from my first appointment with Dr. Risk I was treated with understanding, compassion and most importantly, given hope for recovery. I have found Dr. Risk to be extremely patient, knowlegeable and Lyme literate – a rarity amongst health professionals. Not only is she all this but she is willing to spend the time necessary in treating a complicated and debilitating disease with dogged perserverence.. I’m so thankful I found Dr. Risk and highly recommend her!  Source: Yellow Pages – deasley

Intelligent Care

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Risk for over two years to address a number of concerns including knee osteoarthritis, various muscle injuries and a cluster of complaints which we now know to be caused by Celiac disease. Dr. Risk is compassionate, experienced and truly looking to improve your health with the aim of future visits being solely for maintenance. I have been impressed with the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), both the treatment modalities (i.e. acupuncture, moxa) and the supplements Dr. Risk has provided to improve my severe arthritis and help heal sports injuries. Dr. Risk also used BioMeridian testing to assess me as having Celiac disease/gluten intolerance. I went from sleeping 10-12 hours a day, fighting depression and suffering various gastrointestinal complaints to enjoying lots of energy on 8 solid hours of sleep, eliminated the chronic swelling in my knees, and feel happy and productive. I may not understand or be able to appreciate the subtleties of TCM but all I have to do is look at my results and be grateful that I found Dr. Risk. She’s easy to talk to and takes the time to uncover how seemingly unrelated symptoms may be related to a single cause and then effectively treats it. I can’t recommend her highly enough.  Source: Yellow Pages – kjd6ca

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Dr Risk takes a personal approach and is extremely knowledgeable. She is compassionate and gentle. Dr Risk has extensive knowledge on chronic illnesses that go undiagnosed in traditional medicine. I recommend you find your way to health here.

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