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Happy Science has been spreading the word about global happiness.  With more people suffering from depression and anxiety than ever before, we need to find guidance and a direction to global happiness.  Discussing the movie produced by Happy Science is Yoichi Utebi, the founder Master Okawa has an incredible story about saving his own life with will power, and following a calling to help others.  This movie is for anyone who has illness, who suffers from depression, or just wants to be Happy. 

Guest Information

Born in Japan in 1968, Yoichi Utebi grew up in Beirut, Lebanon and New York City. Raised in a rare Japanese Christian family, he was deeply touched by Muslim culture and the beauty of Lebanon during his formative years in Beirut. However, the Middle East also exposed Utebi to the horrors of war, as he and his family dodged bullets and bombings before fleeing to London and back to Japan, leaving everything behind in a sudden evacuation.  In the 7th grade, Utebi moved to New York for 10 years, where he was exposed to friends from multiple cultures and ethnicities. His rock band produced a popular album and gained quite a following in the city before Utebi decided to forego his musical pursuits and return to Japan.


After 12 years of experience in marketing and senior management at various American IT companies in Japan, Utebi joined Happy Science in 2010, where he quickly rose to Director of International Communications. In 2015, he was appointed Head Minister of Hawaii, and in 2018 he led the temples in Okinawa. Utebi is currently leading Happy Science’s International Media Division and is the Vice President of HS Productions and producer of “Immortal Hero.”

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