Stop Stopping Yourself with Vincent Genna

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Episode Description

After working as an actor and singer, Vincent Genna found a stronger calling to help people reach their biggest potential in life.  After discovering his abilities as a psychic, he went back to school to become a psychotherapist, and now helps his clients and others see their biggest blocks that are stopping them from helping themselves.  He is joining Dr. Risk in this interview, and discussing what we need to do to dive deep into our own psyche to make our lives full, happy and heal from illness.

Guest Information

World-renowned Vincent Genna is a triple power Psychic – an authentic and gifted psychic with the knowledge and experience of a licensed psychotherapist, and the big, charming personality of a showman. He combines his early background as a professional actor and singer, a Master’s in Clinical Social Work and his Hospice experience helping more than 500 patients through the dying process, with his uncanny skills as a metaphysician and psychic medium. The sum total of these experiences and gifts is a Psychic who can guide people not only to recognize what is preventing them from healing or attaining their dreams, but the necessary steps to get there.

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