The Courageous Cure with Dr. Alana Berg

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Date: March 25, 2019

Episode Description

After putting her MS into remission, Dr. Alana Berg decided to share the information that helped her on her health journey.  Her book “The Courageous Cure” if full of information, and steps that anyone can take to find the root cause of their illness and symptoms.  Our journey to health can be a long one, but not an impossible one.

Guest Information

At a young age, helping people was a huge desire, which lead me on a path to Naturopathic Medicine. I began practice 13 yrs. ago and the adventure of developing and honing my professional skills: becoming Board Certified in Chelation, Acupuncture, IV therapy, Pharmacology, and Ozone. I have also trained with various practitioners, taken many courses, and have been blessed to be partner/co-founder of Mission Naturopathic Clinic in Kelowna, BC. I have a general family practice, with a special interest in Lyme disease, environmental medicine, auto-immune diseases, hormone health, and stress management.
I am very excited about education, and I have presented at many forums and public groups in the past. My deep passion for healthy living and desire to teach and empower others, has given me great dedication to this field.  It is a fundamental root of why I have written my first book, The Courageous Cure.   I wanted to share my experience in overcoming MS, and my insights as a practitioner, but most importantly to empower others to take hold of their health.

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