How to Improve Your Beauty Sleep with Dr. Judy Mazurin

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Falling Through the Cracks:  Feel Alive and Thrive

How to Improve Your Beauty Sleep » Listen

Date: November 9, 2015

Episode Description

Sleep is essential to keep you physically and mentally healthy, but it is estimated that 50-70 million US adults have a sleep disorder. It can range from just a stressful time with some sleepless nights, to a chronic insomnia disorder. In this episode, Dr. Risk and Dr. Mazurin discuss the necessity of sleep, what can go wrong, and how to help yourself on those night you are tossing and turning.

Dr. Risk’s Thoughts

Sleep problems were part of my health journey from the beginning.  They seem so simple, yet are so complicated.  I had many nights where I lay tossing and turning until the sun came up.  Aside from leaving you exhausted the next day, there is something about laying there in the middle of the night that is both lonely and existential at the same time.  It’s so peaceful and there are few distractions if you don’t want to wake anyone else up.  I used to go through various scenarios from work in my head, and plan some things I was going to do the next day.  I mean, why not?  I had the extra time on my hands as I lay there in the dark.  I no longer have these sleep issues, but I have great compassion for those who have to trudge through their day without a full night’s rest.

Guest Information

Dr. Judy Mazurin

Judy has been practicing acupuncture, nutritional and health and wellness coaching for over the past 16 years. She strives to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western Medicine. Judy believes that optimal health is critical to accomplishing everything else we want in life. She helps one create a healthy balance with an abundance of energy. The body has an inherent ability and potential to heal itself provided it is supplied the correct tools, nutrients and healing therapies. Judy is an accomplished speaker and healer who guides the way to an evolutionary and balanced approach to health, and wellness.

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