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Date: December 24, 2018

Episode Description

After fitness coaching for over 20 years, Gillian Goerzen found that most people set fitness goals and aren’t able to follow through long term.  In her book “The Elephant in the Gym,” she walks the reader through steps and tips on how to find a program that works for you and fits into your lifestyle, instead of bending your life to fit a program.  This is a great start for anyone trying to set fitness goals for the new year!

Guest Information

Gillian Goerzen has over 20 years of health coaching experience and is one of BCRPA’s Fitness Leaders of the Year. Her personalized lifestyle strategies help clients redefine what fitness means to them. Gillian walked the body-hatred battleground to finally uncover the kinder, more compassionate approach to health and fitness. She teaches running clinics, fitness and yoga in British Columbia and coaches clients all over North America through her business Super You.

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