Get the Toxins Out with Bruce Lourie and Rick Smith

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Date: June 6, 2016

Episode Description

“How do I get this stuff out of me?”

-Toxin Toxout

Authors of the Bestselling book “Slow Death by Rubber Duck” are discussing their latest book “Toxin Toxout”.  With growing concerns that we are increasingly exposed to thousands of chemicals in our every day world, people are asking important questions.  How do you get this stuff out?  And do detoxes work?  Bruce Lourie and Rick Smith do us all a favour by exposing themselves to toxins, and then finding the most effective way to get them out of the body.  Join us for this informative episode.

Dr. Risk’s Thoughts

This topic was important for me to do.  With multiple chemical sensitivities I have grown increasingly aware of the toxins in our environment over the years.  Although I counsel my patients on the importance of limiting their exposure, I don’t see them taking it very seriously.  Because Chemical sensitives are so hard to notice, and sometimes it’s the repeated exposure over time, we are not always aware that this is our issue, and it can take repeated digging and awareness to find the source.  Knowing that there are over 88 000 chemicals that are new to our environment in the last 60 years, we should start questioning how this is effecting us.

Guest Information

Bruce Lourie

Bruce is one of Canada’s leading environmental thinkers and co-author of the best-selling books Toxin, Toxout and Slow Death by Rubber Duck.  He is President of the Ivey Foundation, a private charitable foundation in Canada, an honorary director of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment and a Director of the Independent Electricity System Operator.  He is a Director of Philanthropic Foundations Canada, Canadians for Clean Prosperity and the San Francisco-based Consultative Group on Biological Diversity.  He sits on the Advisory Board of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission.

Bruce may be best known for his work in connecting environmental issues to human health through his research on mercury and developing the campaign to shut down coal-fired power plants in Ontario. Bruce is a founder of a number of for profit and non-profit organizations. In 2014 he received Earth Day Canada’s Outstanding Commitment to the Environment Award.

Rick Smith

A prominent Canadian author, environmentalist and non-profit leader, Rick is the Executive Director of the Broadbent Institute.
From 2003 to 2012, he served as Executive Director of Environmental Defence. He is the co-author of two bestselling books on the health effects of pollution: Slow Death by Rubber Duck: How the Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Life Affects Our Health (2009) and Toxin Toxout (2014). A Quill & Quire “Book of the Year”, Slow Death by Rubber Duck has been featured by the Washington Post (which said it “is hard-hitting in a way that turns your stomach and yet also instills hope”), Dr. Oz, Fox News, and Oprah Magazine, and translated into six languages.
Rick is a former Chief of Staff for the federal NDP, and has led many successful campaigns for important new public policies at the federal and provincial levels related to environmental and consumer protection, urban planning and green jobs creation. Originally from Montreal, he holds a Ph.D. in biology from the University of Guelph, is currently a Director of Équiterre and the Greenbelt Foundation, and a member of the Panel of Environment and Sustainable Development Advisors for the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development of Canada. When not working in an airport terminal somewhere, he lives in east end Toronto with his wife Jennifer Story and their two young boys.

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