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Falling Through the Cracks: Feel alive and thrive

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Episode Description

Those with Mental Health disorders often find themselves in a viscous cycle of dealing with the depression, anxiety or mood fluctuations that affect them day to day, as well as medication and its side effects. The touching story of True Hope founder Anthony Stephan has changed many lives. The empowerment of the supplement regimes he has created has pulled the pieces together and is offering hope. We will hear this story, and learn what it has inspired him to do so save his family and help others around the world.

Dr. Risk’s Thoughts

True Hope.  Much Hope.  Mental illnesses are so stigmatized (yes, still) and this supplement and its story are so powerful.  I don’t often talk about my brother, but he struggled with schizophrenia.  It eventually took his life.  I have so much compassion for those who are struggling and I strongly believe our answer is so beyond our medications (although please take them if you need them).  We need to re-connect, ground ourselves, and find ourselves.  Anthony Stephan’s story is so powerful; I encourage you to listen if you or anyone you know is affected my mental illness.

Guest Information

Anthony Stephan

When Truehope co-founder Anthony Stephan ponders the future, he sees a world in which everyone who suffers from a mood disorder has open and affordable access to a cure. “When they open the history book ten years from now, it will talk about how mental illness was found to be nothing more than a nutrient deficiency disorder.” Stephan has battled hard with the bi-polar disorder that claimed         his wife through suicide and threatened two of his ten children. It ended when he found the secret of EMPowerPlus. The discovery gave son Joseph and daughter Autumn their lives back, along with over 200,000 people who have come to know the Truehope Program. As his children continue to enjoy normal, healthy lives, he works tirelessly to ensure others who suffer as they once did will one day have the same opportunity.

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