The Light at the End of the Lyme Tunnel with Jillian Augey

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Falling Through the Cracks: Feel alive and thrive

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Episode Description

Lyme Disease is an epidemic that is spreading across North America.  Unfortunately, it is hard to diagnose, and hard to treat.  Dr. Risk is speaking with a Lyme patient, Jillian Augey, to discuss the difficulties in getting a diagnosis, and treatment.  Jillian is involved in her community with Lyme Light Society and is dedicated to bringing awareness to this disease.

Dr. Risk’s Thoughts

Lyme Disease stories are very close to my heart.  When I hear stories like Jillian’s I wish I could make things different.  Those with Lyme struggle not only with fatigue, but brain fog, pain and a host of symptoms.  They are struggling with their illness, but then have another struggle where they need to get their doctor to recognize that they are even ill.  The “Lyme” word carries a huge stigma right now, and there is a great amount of neglect and anger from medical practitioners.  Although I have seen a small shift over the years, I still think it will take longer before Lyme sufferers are able to get the proper care they need.  I hope that this show can bring some of this disease to light.  If you feel you have Lyme, please find a Lyme Literate Doctor.

Guest Information

Jillian Augey

Jillian Augey spent most of her life feeling unwell and pushing herself despite constant health concerns.  Although constantly suffering from a myriad of symptoms, she completed university and established a career. Throughout these years frequent visits to doctors did not reveal any answers to her health questions, and none of the tests performed could identify the source of her myriad of symptoms. Having exhausted all resources, she traveled to the US where it was determined she was suffering from a multitude of vector-bourne illnesses, including Lyme Disease.  Friends in her community helped form Lyme Light Society which raises awareness through art galas, concerts, and information campaigns. This small-town, grassroots group is not only educating the community but saving lives. It is Jillian’s mission to prevent others from falling through the cracks because they pose a medical mystery.

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