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Falling Through the Cracks: Feel alive and thrive

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Episode Description

When dealing with chronic illness, we are often forced to look outside the box so that we don’t fall through the cracks. Baja Medgate is a health and wellness clinic in Mexico that focuses on individualized treatments for those suffering from chronic illnesses.

Dr. Risk’s Thoughts

In the Lyme journey it can be very overwhelming to decide what to focus on, and where to get help.  I decided to feature a clinic that I knew took a natural approach like I do, and could explain some of the complications of Lyme.  I hope it helps!

Guest Information

Jennifer Miele

Jennifer has worked with multiple private clinics, hospitals, and integrative health centers, and research centers, medical doctors with specialties in oncology, immuno-therapy, regenerative medicine, endocrinology, infectious diseases, Chinese medicine, naturopathic medical doctors, health coaches, nutritionists, stem cell therapy specialist and chemists among many others and continue to strive and accomplish a goal of offering the most integrative medical programs available. She received a diagnosis of Lyme disease and then a year later early onset breast cancer and then Lupus.  She started searching for answers and bringing the doctors, scientists, researches and chemists, to assist in finding the answers and treatments. This is how she began work in the health field.

Dr. Carlos Joel Miramontes Muñoz, MD

Dr. Carlos Joel Miramontes Muñoz, MD: The Baja MedGate Program enters into the realm of alternative, complimentary and integrative therapy. We uniquely orchestrate our treatment programs specifically on a per patient basis so that every step is appropriate to your situation. Dr. Carlos Joel Miramontes Muñoz, MD is an integral part of this team.

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