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Date: May 20, 2019

Episode Description

The Lyme Wars are in full effect in Canada and world wide.  With controversy over the existence of Lyme disease, the difficulty in testing, persisting Lyme bacteria, and an array of symptoms, patients are left reeling.  With years of studying Lyme disease, Brian Fallon has put together a comprehensive book with up to date information, studies, and guidelines of what this can all look like.  A must read for anyone with Lyme, who thinks they have Lyme, who treats Lyme or lives in an Lyme endemic area.

Guest Information

Brian A. Fallon, MD, MPH is director of the Lyme & Tick-borne Diseases Research Center at Columbia University Irving Medical Center where he leads a research team focused on biomarkers, diagnostics and treatment.  Dr. Fallon has published and lectured widely on the chronic aspects of Lyme disease. His team’s current work includes epidemiology, diagnostics, coinfections, brain imaging, and treatment studies. Current studies include: 1) a nation-wide cohort study in Denmark to assess whether Lyme disease confers an increased risk of psychiatric disorders; 2)  a neuroimaging study to determine whether patients have hyper-activated pain pathways; 3) a post-mortem Lyme study to examine whether Bb infection can be found in human brains; and 4) a treatment study examining whether disulfiram can help to reduce symptoms.  Dr. Fallon and Dr. Jennifer Sotsky are the authors of “Conquering Lyme Disease: Science Bridges the Great Divide” (Columbia University Press, 2018).

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