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Date: October 24, 2016

Episode Description for “Pain-Free Posture”

“With our technology-driven world and sendentary lifestyles, its more important than ever to reclaim the design and function of our bodies.” -Pain-Free Posture Handbook


We all know the benefits of good posture, or at least we knew the benefits.  With our ever busy world, and our hours of sitting at a desk, most of us are slumped over with sore shoulder and back pain.  The Pain-Free Posture Handbook by Lora Anderson and Nikki Alstedter has easy to follow exercises to help you reclaim your posture and live pain-free.


Dr. Risk’s Thoughts

Posture and pain are always an important aspect of any health journey.  I have never seen anyone with perfect posture.  There is always something that can be tweaked or worked on.  I loved doing this show, even though it seems simple, it is nice to be reminded that we can always work on ourselves.

Guest Information

Lora Anderson

Lora Anderson has been dancing with happy abandon since she was three years old. When she became a professional dancer, she practiced Pilates to strengthen herself during rehearsals and performance schedules. She went on to dance as a Radio City Rockette in NYC for 9 years and appeared in numerous musicals around the world. During her very active entertainment career she never missed a show and remained injury free. She credits this to the attention she paid to posture and alignment.

While still performing she began her studies that would lead her to become a master teacher in the Pilates method through Pilates Sports Center as well as certified in GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS®, the Franklin Method, DaVinci BodyBoard and other body balancing disciplines.  Since 2004 she has helped thousands of individuals improve their posture, strength and balance through movement studios.  In 2004, Lora opened the doors to Pilates Studio City and now co-owns two studios in Los Angeles with Nikki Alstedter and Pilates South Austin in Austin, TX.  Her commitment to “core principles” continue to serve her well in other areas of her life – they make her a better surfer, hiker, skier, partner and mother.

Lora’s mission is to help others enhance their well being and vitality so they can stand tall and enjoy life to the fullest.


Nikki Alstedter

Nikki Alstedter is fascinated and inspired with the incredible design of the human body and the integration of the mind body spirit connection that moves us through life.  She started her movement journey as a dancer at age 14.  Dance provided a community of exploration and expression that was deeply transformative for her both physically and emotionally.  With her ignited passion she performed and choreographed professionally as a contemporary jazz dancer and aerial acrobat in Los Angeles,  Japan and across Europe.  In her travels she was introduced to various forms of bodywork and healing modalities that lead her to study craniosacral massage therapy and Pilates.  The Pilates principles of posture and dynamic alignment presented an arena of vast healing potential  that guided her educational path and experience.  Nikki had the good fortune to apprentice with a team of chiropractors that developed an energetic healing system called Quantum Kinetics. For several years she has been mastering this gentle hands-on approach that utilizes the body’s electrical and myo-fascial system in relation to structural stability and wellness. This experience has given her a unique understanding of the body’s integral system of healing within a clinical setting.

As an entrepreneur she is founder of Arlùnviji Transformative Movement in Santa Barbara, is co-owner with Lora Pavilack of Pilates Studio City locations in Southern California and Pilates South Austin in Texas.  For almost two decades Nikki has been guiding movement experience that help clients participate in life with greater ease and awareness.  She currently teaches GYROTONIC®, Pilates, GYROKINESIS®, Da Vinci BodyBoard, Nia  and the Franklin Method and is a Master Trainer for Pilates Sports Center and Da Vinci BodyBoard System.

Nikki is dedicated to inspiring intelligent movement that integrates and awakens awareness to enhance the quality of LIFE.

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