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Date: October 1, 2018

Episode Description

Twelve Million people are affected by Interstitial Cystitis, but are often faced with the reality of a disease that has no known cause, no definite testing, and a lot of myths surrounding treatment.  Faced with debilitating pain, frequent, urgent and painful urination, and the inability to do things they love, sufferers of IC are often left in the dark.  Nicole Cozean is a pelvic floor Physio Therapist, and has found ways to reduce the symptoms and get this condition under control, and she’s sharing the information from her book “The Interstitial Cystitis Solution” in this interview.

Dr. Risk’s Thoughts

Since I have been treating Lyme for many years, Interstitial Cystitis comes up a long. There is a link between the two illnesses. It always surprises me how little help the sufferers of IC get from conventional medicine, even being told their pain isn’t real. I felt it was necessary to share more information on IC because of this.

Guest Information

Nicole Cozean, PT, DPT, WCS is a pelvic floor physical therapist and founder of PelvicSanity, where her team treats men and women with pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction from across California and around the world.  PelvicSanity also manages an Instagram account, Facebook page, and blog to provide practical, positive information to patients beyond the clinic walls.

Nicole was named the 2017 Physical Therapist of the Year.  She’s the author of the award-winning book, The Interstitial Cystitis Solution, and the first PT to serve on the Interstitial Cystitis Association Board of Directors.

Dedicated to growing the field, Nicole has published research and teaches continuing education courses through the Herman & Wallace Institute.  She is an adjunct professor at her alma mater, Chapman University, where she was named the 2012 Alumnae of the Year.

Nicole also volunteers as the Medical Director for the East Africa Partnership and makes her home in Orange County, CA.

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