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Date: August 7, 2017

Episode Description for Let Food be Your Medicine

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.


With his own history of psoriasis, Dr. Colbert found a way to help others find a solution to their own health problems.  Focusing on the inflammation caused by food, this interview gives details on how important our fuel is.

 Dr. Risk’s Thoughts

Dr. Colbert’s enthusiasm comes through loud and clear when he talks about anti-inflammatory foods.  Gut health is where my journey started, and where I start all my patients.  It’s important to look at the fuel you are putting in your body, and being aware how much it is affecting you.  We discussed in this episode having anti-inflammatory diets embraced by everyone, as prevention, not just followed by everyone who is sick.  I hope someday in the future this is what happens so that we can all live healthier and happier lives.

Guest Information

Dr. Don Colbert

Dr. Don Colbert graduated from ORU Medical School in 1984. He then moved to Central Florida where he did his internship and residency at Florida Hospital. For over twenty years, Dr. Colbert has practiced medicine in Central Florida. He has been board certified in Family Practice for over 25 years and Specializes in Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr.Don Colbert is also a “New York Times “Best Selling Author that has written over 40 books.

Orlando Doctor, Dr. Don Colbert, has ministered health and healing to thousands. Dr. Colbert is a frequent guest with John Hagee, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland and other leaders in the body of Christ.

Don Colbert, M.D. has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, Fox News, ABC World News, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, BBC, Readers Digest, News Week, Prevention Magazine, and many others.

Dr. Don Colbert offers seminars and talks on a variety of topics including “How to Improve Your Health”, “The Effects of Stress and how to overcome it! Through his research and walk with God Dr.Colbert has been given a unique insight that has helped thousands improve their lives.Mary Colbert says to go to the www.drcolbert.com and you can get bio and a picture.

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