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Date: November 28, 2016

Episode Description for “Bringing Up Beth 

From the outside, it’s hard to see what a family goes through when raising a child with a disability.  In her heart wrenching graphic novel “Hole in the Heart”, Henny Beaumont takes us on a journey of her surprise, despair, concern and humour as she learns to trust her own feelings and love her daughter with Down’s Syndrome.  This story doesn’t shy away from the complicated emotions and situations of raising a child with Down’s Syndrome, and this will be discussed in this riveting episode.

Dr. Risk’s Thoughts

I absolutely loved Henny’s graphic novel.  I found she went to the real and dark places that any parent would go to.  Most would also find it taboo to talk about what they are feeling.  Henny explored her own feelings about her daughter’s disability, and has let the world see them, helping other parents in the same situation.  I feel this novel has the potential to help thousands of families adjust to their own situation.   Henny’s bravery and the beauty of her daughter being who she is makes this a magical story.

Guest Information

Henny Beaumont

Henny Beaumont is an artist and portrait painter, with an M.A in fine art printmaking. Her first book ‘Hole in the Heart’, published in June 2016, to great acclaim, was short-listed for the Myriad first graphic novel prize. She was interviewed on BBC Radio 4, performed at several Literary festivals including the prestigious Hay Festival. Her work has been featured in the Guardian, Daily Mail and as a guest blogger for Mumsnet and The Mighty.

Robert Yates, Consultant Cardiologist, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children has described her book as ‘essential reading for every pediatrician in training’ and Meg Rosoff called it ‘A masterclass in the sorrow and joy of being human, and a powerful reminder that nothing is more earth shattering than love.’

Henny has lectured at the Camberwell College of Art, Brighton Medical School and Kings College London.

She is now working on new graphic fiction and an audio-visual app. She is married with four children. Henny lives in London, UK.

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