Mold Toxicity with Jennifer Cannon

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Falling Through the Cracks: Feel alive and thrive

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Episode Description

Often undetected as an issue, mold is a major contributor to ill health and toxicity. Molds are fungi that can be found both indoors and outdoors. When mold grows in our homes, work place or other environment, it can affect our health. The implications can come on suddenly, or over time, and affect everyone differently. Learn how to protect yourself and your family as Dr. Risk discusses mold neurotoxins with Jennifer Cannon, who is a survivor of mold toxicity.

Dr. Risk’s Thoughts

When I was in school I rented a house that had mold in the basement, and I became extremely ill from it.  I went from doctor to doctor and was told by a lung specialist that mold does not cause respiratory problems.  At the time I had a raging fever for months and shortness of breath.  I moved out of the apartment that week, and felt better within a couple days.  If you think this is an issue for you, move fast and find a professional to help you clean it up!

Guest Information

Jennifer Cannon

Jennifer Cannon is a Midwest business owner and mother of two.  In the summer of 2009 Jennifer and her family moved into a modest 3 bedroom ranch in the suburbs.  What seemed to be a peaceful transition turned into an utter nightmare as Jennifer would soon learn that the home she had moved her family into was hiding a deep/dark secret of hidden toxic mold in the walls and subflooring. After being diagnosed with mycotoxicosis due to mold exposure, and finding out that the home was extremely toxic, Jennifer fled with her children to a new clean home and did not take anything from the old house with her. Still facing a few chronic symptoms daily she started a website and founded  She spent thousands of hours researching toxic mold, understanding it’s effects on humans and animals and at the same time searching for treatments, remedies and cures that would get her closer to the life she once had before the mold exposure.

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