Lyme Brain with Dr. Nicola McFadzean Ducharme

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Falling Through the Cracks: Feel alive and thrive

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Date: May 16, 2016

Episode Description

Lyme Brain:  brain fog, short-term memory loss, difficulty with focus and concentration, anxiety, depression and the host of other symptoms that make up the cognitive and neuropsychiatric aspects of Lyme disease.” -Nicola McFadzean Ducharme

Anyone with Lyme Disease understands what this means.  It is reported that 70% of Lyme Disease patients experience cognitive disturbances which affects the quality of their life.  In her upcoming book, “Lyme Brain” Dr. Nicola McFadzean Ducharme discusses this phenomenon.  In straight forward steps and easy to follow solutions (to help those who can’t think clearly) she has laid out a plan to help those suffering with this disease to get find their way out of the fog and into a normal life.  Join us for the third of four Lyme centric episodes this May to bring awareness to this disease.

Dr. Risk’s Thoughts

I am quite familiar with Lyme Brain.  When my neuro-Lyme was at its worst, I could not read, or type (I could hand write, but using both hands to type seemed to confuse my brain).  This is one of the most common complaints with Lyme, along with pain and fatigue.  I think most people find it the scariest, worrying about dementia, or having to face the reality of how much the disease has changed them.  The good news is that it gets better!  I am typing this right now, which is a miracle in itself, but I am also able to organize this show, and my busy work schedule.  So, if you are affected by “Lyme Brain” do not despair.  Follow through with your treatment with the help of a Lyme Literate Practitioner and you will see the fog lift.

Guest Information

Dr. Nicola McFadzean Ducharme

Dr. Nicola McFadzean Ducharme is a Naturopathic Doctor, and is the owner and medical director of RestorMedicine, an integrative medical center in San Diego, CA.  She has specialized in treating Lyme disease for over a decade, working with patients both in the United States and abroad.  She is a medical advisor for the Lyme Disease Association of Australia and is a member of the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS).

Dr. Nicola is a published author, with her own books – Beginners Guide to Lyme Disease, Lyme Disease in Australia, and The Lyme Diet: Nutritional Strategies For Healing From Lyme Disease, as well as a chapter in Connie Strasheim’s book Insights into Lyme Disease Treatment: 13 Lyme-literate Health Care Practitioners Share Their Healing Strategies.  Her new book, Lyme Brain, is due for publication mid-2016.

Dr. Nicola also writes a holistic health blog called The Naturopathic Mama.  She lives in San Diego with her husband, their two-year old daughter and two dogs.

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