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Falling Through the Cracks: Feel alive and thrive

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Date: May 9 2016

Episode Description

For those diagnosed with Lyme Disease, the options for treatment can often be overwhelming.  If you can get a prescription for antibiotics, will you be treated longer then the recommended three weeks that won’t clear out chronic Lyme bacteria?  Among natural options is the Cowden Protocol, a series of herbs and supplements to deal with all facets of this complicated disease.  Dr. Rebecca Risk credits this program with saving her life when her Lyme Disease was at its worse.  She will be speaking with the creator of the Cowden Program, Dr. Lee Cowden to learn how it works.  This is the second episode in May of four Lyme centric episodes for Lyme Awareness Month.

Dr. Risk’s Thoughts

I credit the Cowden Support Program with having saved my life.  After my Lyme diagnosis I was left with little hope.  My Lyme doctor fired me for not wanting to take years worth of antibiotics.  I actually could not tolerate the antibiotics, as a defect in my liver gave me severe side effects that were beyond regular herxing (detox reactions associated with Lyme treatment).  In my Lyme fog, I found the Cowden program and followed it for years until I found my way to wellness.  Along with the program, I also had to address other issues like my gut, liver health, metals, parasites, and environmental sensitivities, so I always recommend this program done under the care of a practitioner that understands all the complications that this disease can lend.  I am so thankful to have had something available to me that was effective and tolerated by my weakened body.  One of the reasons I started to treat Lyme was to offer this same treatment to others who wanted another choice in treatment as I did.

Guest Information

William Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H)

William Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H), is Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board and Professor of the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine ( of Panama. He is a USA board-certified cardiologist & internist who is internationally known for his knowledge & skill in practicing & teaching integrative medicine. He has co-authored 6 books: 1)An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer (1997), 2)Cancer Diagnosis: What To Do Next (2000), 3)Longevity, An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide (2001), 4)Create A Toxin-Free Body & Home (2014), 5)Foods That Fit a Unique You (2014), 6)BioEnergetic Tools for Wellness…(2014), and has contributed to several other publications. He is the creator of the Cowden Support Program, which is an all-natural program that has been used successfully by several thousand people to support their bodies during recovery from various chronic inflammatory conditions including Lyme Borreliosis with co-infections.

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