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Date: August 12, 2019

Episode Description

Very little is understood about eating disorders.  Many people feel shame and fear when reaching out for help, and are struggling with restricted eating, and attempts to control what they put in their mouth.  After her own ten year journey with anorexia, Tabitha Farrar decided to share what she learned about recovery in her book “Rehabilitate, Rewire, Recover!: Anorexia Recovery For The Determined Adult,” and she is sharing tips and suggestions in this interview.

Guest Information

Tabitha Farrar recovered without the aid of traditional treatment after 10 years of anorexia. After her recovery Tabitha went on to blog, podcast, and write books about how she recovered from anorexia. This led to an overwhelming amount of interest from other people suffering from anorexia and in time led to Tabitha working as a recovery coach herself. since recovering has written a number of books on anorexia recovery and specifically focuses on the importance of neural rewiring alongside full nutritional rehabilitation.

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