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Date: March 6, 2017

Episode Description for Agility at Any Age

It’s a common misconception to believe that with age comes pain and stiffness.  Mary Derbyshire has dedicated her career and book “Agility at Any Age” to help us all develop and maintain balance, agility and movement.  Using the Alexander Technique she helps seniors turn a life limited by pain, and open it to possibilities.   

 Dr. Risk’s Thoughts

Too often I hear that and ache or pain is just part of getting old.  I believe that we can age with minimal pain, but sometimes we need some help.  Mary is embracing this same thought, and aiming to help people overcome their pain and discomfort in an easy way.  I believe we all need help to balance posture, and certain ailments we have.

Guest Information

Mary Derbyshire

Mary Derbyshire (M.AmSAT) has taught fitness and movement for over 35 years. For almost 25 years she has been a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, helping people get out of pain and learn how to move with balance, agility, and ease. She is a strong advocate for this powerful self-care technique and as a recognized master and expert in her field.  She regularly presents to and with the medical community, most recently presenting alongside doctors from the Mayo Clinic on a panel at the Harvard Medical School 2015, and to the Brown Medical School in 2016.

Her specialty is aging with ease and she is on a mission to bring this work to the “Baby Boomer” population so they can live active, fulfilling lives through their senior years.  Her online learning self-study series for seniors is due out in 2017.  Her new book Agility at Any Age: Discover the Secret to Balance, Mobility and Confidence, which is an accessible and practical introduction to the Alexander Technique and movement, is due out in 2017 as well.

She is frequently selected to present and teach her peers at national and international conferences and is also available for workshops, presentations, and one-on-one learning intensives. Mary’s private practice is in beautiful Little Compton, RI.


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