Living off the land with Dr. Risk’s Mom

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Date: August 6, 2018

Episode Description

Dr Risk is talking to her Mom, Susan Risk. Often mentioned on this show, they are discussing the driving force behind Susan’s passion for living off the land and working in harmony with nature.  From her straw bale house, to her chickens, no piece of dirt is left unturned!

Dr. Risk’s Thoughts

It is possible that I am biased towards this episode, as the guest is my Mom!  I wanted to share where my passion for the earth came from, and what we can do if we really want to make changes.  My Mom has always taught me to be “doing” something, to work hard, and have patients while achieving a goal.  The journey is just as important!

Guest Information

Susan Risk is living out her lifelong dream with her partner, Anne, in a solar-powered, off-grid straw bale house on a homestead in southern British Columbia.

This choice reflects Susan’s respect for the natural world, as reflected in her use of permaculture practices.  Permaculture takes community and agriculture beyond sustainability, beyond organics, to foster beneficial farming that improves the health of the soil and advances resilient, robust, and abundant food-production systems—in harmony with the environment.

A graduate of York University, Susan is now retired from her successful video production company, which she operated for nearly 25 years, producing unscripted series and documentaries for broadcast.

She is the proud mother of three, including her daughter, Dr. Rebecca Risk—who helps Susan maintain the vitality and good health she needs to manage the food gardens and animals raised on the homestead.

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