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Date: June 5, 2017

Episode Description for Wahls Protocol

After her decline with Multiple Sclerosis, Dr. Terry Wahls took her health into her own hands.  After creating “The Wahls Protocol” she recovered her strength and stepped out of her wheel chair.  She is now sharing her protocol with others so that they can experience the same life changes.

 Dr. Risk’s Thoughts

Terry Wahls story is so inspiring.  Way too often do we think that what we eat doesn’t make a difference.  If you are affected by a chronic illness, or want to prevent one, I recommend you look into a protocol that reduces inflammation.  A big part of my journey was with food.  Not only did I develop severe allergies, my illness also started with digestive symptoms.  If I had been allowed to do only one thing, it would have been to change my diet.  I encourage all my patients to start with a healthy way to eat, and slowly make the changes that they need to feel better.  Without proper fuel, we won’t make it.

Guest Information

Terry Wahls

Dr. Wahls is a functional medicine practitioner, clinical researcher, and clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa. Though she is at the forefront of functional medicine, what sets Dr. Wahls apart is her experience using nutrition and lifestyle interventions to treat progressive health problems to heal her own MS, and later, that of others. Within a year of beginning her Wahls Protocol, Dr. Wahls went from being bound to a zero-gravity chair to completing an 18-mile bike tour – without any disease modifying drugs or surgery.

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