Groin Injury

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A groin injury or groin pull is an injury to the muscles of the inner thigh. The groin muscles, called the “adductor muscle” group, consists of six muscles that span the distance from the inner pelvis to the inner part of the femur (thigh bone). These muscles pull the legs together, and also help with other movements of the hip joint. The adductor muscles are important to many types of athletes including sprinters, swimmers, soccer players, and football players.

Using acupuncture to treat groin injury is not a new concept.  A western explanation of why acupuncture works so well for muscle injuries is simple: capillaries tend to open under needle treatment, acupuncture improves the circulation of blood and thus can cleanse muscles of lactic acid — which produces the sensation of muscle soreness and fatigue — faster than the natural process would. Acupuncture treatment also has been found to increase the production of endorphins, a substance produced naturally in the body that increases the feeling of happiness and well-being, which overall can accelerate the healing process.

Groin injury can lead to painful and long recovery. Sports medicine acupuncture is a unique method of combining Western physiotherapy techniques and Chinese Medical Acupuncture in order to achieve quick and permanent recovery from the injury. An orthopedic evaluation of musculoskeletal condition is performed along with a Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) diagnosis.  A detailed treatment plan is prepared.  This plan often includes specialized sports acupuncture, with consideration for organ disharmony and its influence on musculoskeletal tissue, internal and external herbal medications and moxibustion techniques.

By examining the mechanical “how and why” of specific injuries and using orthopedic physical evaluations and manual muscle testing to assess the integrity of the musculoskeletal system, we can achieve better faster results when treating groin injury.

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